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1. Calcium Lignosulphonate

·         Total ligno (%): 55 min

·         Reduced materical(%): 12 max

·         Materical insolution to water (%): 1.5 max

·         Moisture content(%): 7.0 max

·         PH: 4.0-6.0

2. Chrome Lignosulphonate

·         Appearance: Blackish brown powder

·         Material insolution to water (%): 2.5 max

·         Total Ca as CaSO4(%): 3.0 max

·         Total Cr (%): 4.0 min

·         Cr complex (%): 80 min

·         Moisture content(%): 8.5 max

Performance in Mud:

·         Stability in high temperature. After 16 hours the performance mud has no change at hign temperature between 150-160

·         Characteristics of anti-salt. It's performance in 4% salt-base mud is better than FCLS's.

·         Rate of dilution. It is better than FCLS's in same muds.

·         It can low the filtrate lossing of mud, and has powerful-electrolytes capacity. It is suitable to al kinds of muds.

3. Chrome- Free Lignosulfonate

·         Insoluble alkaline material (%): 2.5 max

·         PH of 2% water solution (W/V): 6.0 min

·         Total CaSO4 (%): 4.0 max

·         Total Fe (%): 2.0-4.0

·         Moisture content (%): 10.0 max

Chrome-free lignosulfonate is a drilling mud thinner produced by multi chemical reactions followed by drying of natural high molecular weight compound, organic material and harmless metal ions. The product contains no Chromium heavy metal and is ideal for use in drilling at densely populated area and offshore.

Thinning Performance:

Test results indicate the thinning performance in fresh water based mud under normal temperature is comparable to Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate (FCLS). At elevated temperature, it performs better than FCLS in either fresh water or salt-water based mud, particularly the later. The product is suitable for use in drilling under complex geological formation, in water with high TDS, or in offshore drilling.

Good Fluid Loss Control Properties:
Its major advantage is the thinning effect in drilling mud with high solid content, and simultaneously controls the fluid loss. Its fluid loss control action is better than FCLS and the mud cake formed is smooth and compressible, thus beneficial for well bore protection and fluid loss reduction under high-pressure condition.

Higher Retention of Solid:
The product has improved solid retaining capacity due to its excellent thinning properties. Even when the mud is mixed with large quantity of clay while drilling, the rock scarps can still maintain good mobility. In addition it is capable of withstanding contamination by calcium, magnesium and sodium electrolytes, making it an ideal thinning agent for heavy weight mud.

Recommended Dosage:
For salt water and fresh water based mud, a range of 0.5 to 1.0% is recommended depending on the specific conditions. Under special situations such as high solid and metal electrolytes content, a slight increase in dosage is recommended but not to exceed 2.0%.

4. Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate

·         Particle Size ( 30 mesh ): 3.0% max

·         Moisture Content: 8.5% max

·         CaSO4: 3.0% max

·         Insoluble in Water: 2.5% max

·         Total Fe: 2.5%-3.8%

·         Total Cr: 3.0%-3.8%

·         Cr complex: 75% min

Ferro Chrome lignosulfonate can be used in all dispersed water-based system to effectively control the rheological properties at elevated temperatures and to minimize adverse effects of mud contamination. Ferrochrome lignosulfonate functions well in lime, gypsum, salt water, and fresh water fluids.

5. Sodium Lignosulphonate

·         Appearance: Brown powder

·         Total Ca and Mg(%): 1.5 max

·         Materical insolution to water ( % ): 1.0 max

·         Moisture content( % ): 7.0 max

·         PH: 7.5-8.5

        .         Reduced materical(%): 4.0 max