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Ice Melter

Our Ice Melter works from the moment you apply it to the ice and snow that has accumulated on your sidewalks, parking lots and high-traffic areas. It exothermic action melts ice, preventing dangerous refreezing and works fastest, because they attract moisture, releasing heat as they work.It keeps working when all other ice melters stop because of dropping temperatures. It will work in temperatures a low as -25ºF. It leaves no messy residue or powdery coating behind that can be tracked onto the floors and carpets of your home or office building, which means fewer clean-ups, lower maintenance costs and a better looking winter building.

Skew Handle Jar
25kg Bag
PE Bag
1MT Bag
Calcium Chloride
Content: 74%/77%/90%/94%
Appearance: powder, flake, granule, pellet

Melts down to -25oF/-32℃
Begins melting ice on contact
Exothermic reaction generates heat to improve melting performance
Safe when used as directed on air-entrained cold-weather concrete that is at least one year old
No powdery residue
Snow melts the moment you lay it down due to a powerful self-initiating chemical reaction that excels even at temperatures of -32℃