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 AEEA(Amino Ethyl Ethanolamine)



·         Appearance: Transparent liquid without suspended matter

·         Content: 99.40 % Min

·         Chroma (platinum-cobolt): 30 max

·         Specific density: 1.030



       ·          Hydroxyethy ethylene diamine, colorless viscous liquid, is also named Amino Ethyl Ethanolamine soluble in water and slightly soluble in

                  ether .

       ·          It can absorb carbon dioxide in the air and had a light smell of ammonia.

       ·          Boiling point: 243.7OC(0.098Mpa), 103.7OC(0.0013Mpa)

       ·          Specific density:1.034(20/20)

       ·          Diopter:1.4863 


      Main Application:

      .            It is used as additive to cosmetics(shampoo) and lubricants, and is also as resin material and surface activator.

      ·            Additive to detergent: It can prevent copper-nickel alloy from browning.

      ·            Additive to lubricant: It is added to lubricant in the form of a polymer with methyl propyl acid. It is also used as antiseptic agent .

      ·            Raw material resin: It can be use as raw material of resin for aqueous dispersion latex paint, paper and adhesives.

      ·            Epoxy resin solidifier.